1. All My Friends

From the recording The Radio Hero Mixtape

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All My Friends

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All my friends are about to dust off their swagger
They’re about to wear it right on their sleeve
They’re walking to beats that you used to call evil
Cuz the truth was too hard to believe

All my friends are getting higher than ever
So heaven doesn’t seem so far
They sing to remember, man, they drink to forget
They dance to shake the lid off the jar

All my friends, they like to update their status
But the status quo remains the same
They got stories to tell, they got lies to sell
The whole world is gonna know their name

If death is a riddle and life is a game
Who can ever win a game that doesn’t end
Well all my friends are gonna be back soon
To watch the jokers try to comprehend

Yeah yea yea oooo

There are boys kissing girls and boys kissing boys
They got love, they got love, they got love
But the world is so scared cuz they know so well
That love is such a powerful drug

What makes a strong man weep and a poor man leap
What makes a prophet fall down to his knees
What makes all my friends shout through the streets
Turning oppression into symphonies

Well they tell us we’re wrong and they tell us we’re lazy
They tell us we don’t care about a thing
But all my friends got a whole lot of something that makes them
Wanna jump up and scream

They know love is the answer man, love is the thing
That makes the waves make love to the moon
No matter the color, man, no matter the shape
That love will kick the shit out of you