1. Dream On

From the recording Just People Again

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Dream On

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Mark the path towards her doorstep with the stars she gave to me
Never charges me for nothing, says her teaching’s always free
Sends me off when it starts raining, calls me back before its done
Dream on, dreamer
Dream on, dreamer

She speaks fourteen hundred languages but only one is real
Paints with colors in the summer but she likes how autumn feels
She sleeps naked in the night time but lays covered by the dawn
Dream on, dreamer
Dream on, dreamer

She leaves footprints on my forehead where she tiptoes through my mind
Lay me down before her sunrise cuz there is no thing as time
Left a note inside my piano so I won’t forget her song
Dream on, dreamer
Dream on, dreamer

Whispers the truth when all is jaded, sings alone inside her room
Plays with peace instead of fire but I feel her heat come soon
Soon enough she’ll know her presence even after I am gone
Dream on, dreamer
Dream on, dreamer

Let me dream a little longer
Send me flying through the world
Never wake me up my darling
Paint the pictures of my girl